Fire Research

Co-Chaired Topic 2 of the 2010 NCAR Junior Faculty Forum on Future Scientific Directions with Dr. Edward Hyer (Naval Research Laboratory) and Dr. Jun Wang (University of Nebraska-Lincoln). Topic 2 (Biomass Burning: Observations, Modeling, and Data Assimlilation) brought together 18 early-career scientists and 5 senior scientists. The goal of the meeting was "to highlight and discuss research related to biomass burning across a range of diverse fields, and to identify information needs and scientific priorities common to multiple scientific applications". Here is the link to our Wiki.

Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs)

I am working with scientists in Atmospheric Composition Remote Sensing and Prediction (ACRESP) program of NCAR on studies related to OSSE for air quality. The goal of ACRESP is to facilitate the central integration of observations and modeling efforts across various scales.

Ensemble-based Data Assimilation

I am using DART, which is being developed at NCAR Data Assimilation Initiative, as my main research and teaching tool in exploring and realizing the potentials of an ensemble data assimilation scheme for studies related to tropospheric composition. I collaborate with CESM/DART and WRF/DART teams (NCAR/IMAGe/CGD/MMM/ACOM) for this purpose.


Surface GPS Atmospheric Data Assimilation

I am working with Yolande Serra (Univ. Washington, PI), Chris Castro (UA ATMO, Co-I) and Dave Adams (UNAM) to investigate the utility of atmospheric water vapor derived from a network of GPS-based sensors in providing a more accurate, short-term weather forecasts during the North American Monsoon using high-resolution WRF/DART with explicit representation of convection. More recently, our group has been involved on a wider GPS-Met collaboration under UC-MEXUS (with David Adams/UNAM and Jennifer Haase/Scripps).


Data Assimilation in Community Land Model (CLM)

I am working with David Moore (UA SNRE, PI), Valerie Trouet (UA LTRR, Co-I), Andy Fox (Neon, Collaborator), and Andrew Richardson (Harvard, Co-I) to investigate improvements in land surface models using a network of phenology monitoring webcams, seasonal measurements of tree growth and tree-ring based estimates of primary productivity as observational constraints. We are using the CESM’s community land model (CLM) with the DART DA system for this project. 

COSMOS Neutron Data Assimilation in NOAH Land Surface Model

I have been involved in implementing the DART DA system in assimilating the COsmic Ray Soil Moisture Observing System (COSMOS) neutron counts in the land surface model NOAH to improve estimates of soil moisture and heat fluxes. 

Regional to Global Chemical Transport Modeling 

I collaborate with Gabriele Pfister, Louisa Emmons and Jean-Francois Lamarque (NCAR/ACD) with regards to development and application of CESM/CAM-Chem, WRF-Chem, and MOZART models.

KORUS-AQ Field Campaign

I am working with NASA Langley's AVOCET team (Josh DiGangi and Yonghoon Choi) for KORUS-AQ: An International Cooperative Air Quality Field Study in Korea