Current Projects:


1.) The Role of Anthropogenic Combustion on Urban-Geo System Environments: A Multi-Species Analysis Over Megacities (PI) (No-Cost Extension)

(2017-2020) NASA ACMAP Grant NNX17AG39G, Collaborators (Helen Worden/NCAR, Benjamin Gaubert/NCAR, Kazuyuki Miyazaki/JAMSTEC)

2.) Substantiating Key Synergies Between Air Quality (AQ) and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Monitoring from Space: A Case for Anthropogenic CO2 and CH4 Constraints from CO and NO2 (PI)

(2019-2022) NASA ACMAP Grant NNH18ZDA001N, Collaborators (Benjamin Gaubert/NCAR, Kazuyuki Miyazaki/NASA JPL, Abhishek Chatterjee/NASA GMAO, Joshua DiGangi/NASA LaRC, Helen Worden/NCAR)

3.) Constraining the Deposition of Light Absorbing Particles in High Mountain Asia (HMA) via Assimilation of Two Decades of NASA Observations of Atmospheric Composition (Co-I)

(2020-2023) NASA HMA Grant NNH19ZDA001N, PI (Rajesh Kumar/NCAR). 

4.) Exploiting GOSAT-2 Observational Constraints on Anthropogenic CO2 and CH4 from Megacities (PI)

(2020-2025) JAXA GOSAT Series 2019 Joint Research Announcement 2RA-07 (Co-I: Benjamin Gaubert/NCAR)


(2020-2023) NSF Earth Cube, PI (Louisa Emmons/NCAR). 

Past Projects:

1.) Development of a carbon monitoring system from an ensemble coupled data assimilation perspective (PI)

(2011-2012) NASA CMS SDT Grant NNX11AL31G 

2.) 2012/2011 WRF and MEPS development, support, applications (Co-I)

(2011-2012) AFWA Grant (UCAR subaward). PI (Chris Snyder/NCAR), Co-I (Joshua Hacker/Naval Postgraduate School)

3.) Integration of satellite products into a chemical weather forecasting system (Co-I)

(2010-2013) NASA ACMAP Grant. PI (Gabriele Pfister/NCAR), Co-I (David Edwards, Louisa Emmons, Guy Brasseur, NCAR; Kelly Chance, SOA/Harvard), Collaborators (Helen Worden/NCAR, Cathy Clerbaux (CNRS/France)

4.) A Framework for Regional-Scale Atmospheric Composition Observation System & Simulation Experiments (Co-I)

(2011-2014) NASA ACMAP Grant NNX11A110G (UCAR sub-award). PI (David Edwards, Gabriele Pfister, Helen Worden, Merritt Deeter NCAR), Collaborators (Louisa Emmons/NCAR, Cathy Clerbaux/CNRS, France)

5.) Estimating Carbon Flux Storage : Constraint of the Community Land Model Using Observations at Different Temporal Scales  (Co-I)

(2013-2016) DOE Grant DE-SC0016011. PI (Dave Moore/UA SNRE), Co-I (Valerie Trouet/UA LTRR), Co-I (Andrew Richardson/Harvard), Collaborator (Andy Fox/NEON).

6.) Top-Down Estimates of the Changes in State-Level CO Emissions in the United States and Its Implications to Verifying Emissions of Fossil-Fuel CO2 and Other Constituents (PI)

(2013-2016) NASA ACMAP Grant NNX13AK24G

7.) Impact of Total Column Water Vapor Measurements on Short-to-Medium-Range Forecasts of North American Monsoon Precipitation (Co-I)

(2013-2016) NSF Grant AGS-1261226. PI (Yolande Serra/Univ. Washington), Co-I (Chris Castro/HAS)

8.) Assimilation and Analysis of Terra Observations of Amazonian Biomass Burning Emissions (Co-I) 

(2014-2017) NASA Grant NNX14AN47G (UCAR sub-award), PI (Merritt Deeter/NCAR), Co-I (Maria Val Martin/CSU), Co-I (Emily Fischer/CSU), Co-I (Christine Wiedinmyer/NCAR), Collaborators (Meinrat Andreae/Max Planck, David Edwards/NCAR, Louisa Emmons/NCAR, John Gille/NCAR)

9.) A New Hydrometeorological Testbed in Northern Mexico for Improved Weather Forecasts and Climate Monitoring (Co-I)

(2017-2018)  Binational Consortium for Regional Scientific Development and Innovation, University of Arizona - National Council for Science and Technology of Mexico.  Consortium for Arizona-Mexico Arid Enviroments (CAZMEX), PIs (Christopher Castro/UA and David Adams/UNAM)

10.) DC-8-based Observations of Atmospheric CO2 in Support of the KORUS-AQ Regional Studies (Co-I) (No-Cost Extension)

(2015-2018) NASA KORUSAQ NNX16AE16G, PI (Melissa Yang/Joshua DiGangi (NASA LaRC), Co-I: Y. Choi (NASA LaRC), Collaborator: J-H. Woo (Konkuk).